Private Cremation

At Live Oak, our private cremation means that your pet is placed individually into the cremation chamber guaranteeing it is kept separate from all other pets. The remains of your loved one are then returned to you in a our stylish ceramic urn, our hand-crafted cedar urn or velvet scatter bag.

Witness cremation services include:

  • The gentle pick up of a pet at a veterinary hospital or an individual's home
  • A solitary cremation using Live Oaks proprietary individual cremation process
  • Containing the cremated remains in a complimentary urn
  • Hand delivering the pet’s remains back to the veterinary hospital or home to be reunited with your family.
  • A certicate of cremation and grief package is issued with every individual cremation

Remains are returned within 7 days of pet pick up, unless special order items are involved.
We are also available after-hours for emergency service if needed.

Pet drop off is welcome by appointment.

Our complimentary urns can be customized with special nameplates, photos and engraving.
Visit our Complimentary Urn page for options and to learn more…

We also offer hundreds of other keepsake options to help memorialize your beloved pet. From custom urns and figurines to garden stones, pendants and jewelry. Ask us about our full memorialization selection or visit to see all the memorialization products available. We’re here to keep your beloved pet’s memories alive!
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