To the Live Oak Family,I wanted to let you all know that I was so surprised and touched by the care and thoughtfulness you show in the service you provide. I just picked up Dixie from you and when I got home, I wanted to see her box. I did not expect to find a handwritten note of condolence, a beautiful poem about the "Rainbow Bridge" (which made me tear up...thank you very much), the Forget Me Not seeds, and the Rosemary with explanation. This is the first time that I had an animal cremated, I never considered it before, but this week did not allow me the time I needed to put her where she loved. And up until 20 minutes ago, I was second guessing my decision of having this done to her; but I can see that she was cared for and that help put aside the second thoughts, thank you. I will put her next to her friend Jake very soon and share the Rosemary and flowers between them. I have attached a couple of pictures to shown Dixie and Jake in their youth and prime; Best damn dogs I ever had. Thank you again. God Speed Dixie (and Jake) and God Bless.

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again."

Carl D. Duncan

Conroe Texas

Thank you for taking such good care of my cat Ringo. Your kind words of comfort, the beautiful urn, and the obvious care he received were so helpful in such a difficult time. I sincerely appreciate the effort, and have told many people what an excellent job Live Oak did and how much it meant to me. My sincerest thanks to each one of you involved in getting my buddy home. Here is a photo of Ringo in happier times! God Bless you all.

Vanessa Delp

Ft Worth Texas/Texas A & M Veterinary School

Good Morning,I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Clay Paw-Gift and I was very happy with the packaging and everything extra that came with Billy, I loved the Card that says what date he was cremated with love, thank you so much Live Oak Pet Services, I am extremely happy with the love and care my Billy had with you all. I am very happy you took time to package everything with love for Billy, Thank you sooo Much !!I am very happy and I am very happy with how you responded to emails and the process was with lots of love and care!!!!!Kerri - you were so great at my needs and what I wanted for Billy! Very kind and loving and patient throughout the process!Thank you so much!!!!!

Marlaina Sanchez

VCA Kingwood, TX

Thank you for the very nice note and the care you gave my dog, Nanna. At this difficult time, you made the passing of my beloved dog much easier to deal with. Also thank you for the Rosemary and Forget-Me-Not seeds. . Sincerely, Karen Minehart

Karen Minehart.

I cannot thank Scott and the rest of the folks at Live Oak enough for their care and compassion in handling the final arrangements for our mastiff, Hera. Hera passed very suddenly and inexplicably, and we sent her from the DFW area down to A&M for a necropsy. Scott made the process as easy on me as was possible. Her urn arrived today and we couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so very much. 

Debbie Wolfe

I just wanted to thank you for the millionth time for helping me with Willie. Now I know I paid you for it but still think you went above and beyond your call of duty and I cannot express how much I appreciate it. And thank you to your wife Megan too for giving up your family time so that you could help me. I will absolutely never forget it. I sent cards out in February to those who helped me when he passed. I felt you deserved one as well.

Christy Service

I normally don't take the time to do reviews, but I must say that this is an absolutely amazing group of people! They are compassionate & empethitic. They do understand the loss of our little loved ones who are apart of our family as reflected in the affordability of their services alone!!!! We've used them, today will be 3x & twice they've driven across town to pick up! I can go on for a while longer, but to sum it up: Couldn't ask for better!!!!! 10 stars for me!!!!

Valerie Gonzalez

Thanks to all the staff at Live Oak Pet Services. We so appreciate the professional manner in the way you took care of our CoCo and honored her Memory. It especially touched my heart deeply when you referred to her as "Our beloved family member" instead of pet. She truly was my daughter and if you could have met her when she was healthy and alive, you would have loved her and admired her so very much! Thanks again for everything you did for her and the kind card.

Love the Bates Family

Dear Kerri, Scott, Jennifer, Jason, Fred & Nihad,

We wanted to sincerely "thank you" for the kindness you showed us during such a sad time! Having Taz in our lives for almost 18 years & no children, it was a loss that left us devastated & lost....

Life will not be the same without him but your kindness you showed really helped. We appreciate you all and the AMAZING services you provided us. Thank you for doing what you do, it takes special people, which you all are.

Larry & Paulette Loughridge

Thank you all so much for the flowers and cards. He is resting in a beautiful cedar box. Thank you all for the prompt attention to my beloved Blackjack

May GOD bless you all,

Yvonne Worley

I am in need of your excellent services again. I had to let Sissy, my 17 1/2 year old husky/shepherd go last night. She is at Wharton Vet clinic ,Same location as Kaycee whom you handled May 2014.
Thank you so much. I appreciate everything y'all do.

Karen Fikes

I just wanted to thank you so much for your professionalism and kind words through all of this. Miko was a huge part of our lives and we're devastated that she is gone. We appreciate all that you have done for our family.
Thank you again..

Thank you again..

Got my sweet Sally's ashes back today. Love the cedar urn, hate the plaque. I am going to call them tomorrow and see if I can order a different one. Don't mind the script, but shouldn't have it in all caps. my fault, we did all on the phone and I didn't see what it would like. That said, if you are in the need of pet cremation, these guys are awesome! included a personal, hand written note of condolence, a packet of forget-me-not seeds, a packet of rosemary seed for remembrance, a certificate of cremation, a sweet brochure about our beloved pets crossing the rainbow bridge and a brochure about explaining the loss of your pet to your children. They also include a number of sites to contribute to. I cannot praise this company enough.

Thank you again..

Can't thank the folks at Live Oak enough. I never felt like they were pushing services on me and throughout all our conversations they were very compassionate and understanding. Received our items today and you can tell there was a sincere touch with everything received. Thanks for all your help and compassion

The Kelman Family

Dear wonderful Staff,

My heart can't thank you enough for the love you showed "Emmy Sue" after she passed.

Dealing with the sudden decision to let her go, just ripped our hearts out but we knew we had to do what was best for her.

Receiving the cedar urn, engraved so personable, lock of hair, forget me not seeds and the most precious paw print stamp was overwhelming, tears rolled and I felt so blessed that you cared so much to send such priceless keepsakes of my beloved "Emmy" Thank you again, so much.

May God Bless you and your staff!

Lori & Matt Benham

5 star They made us feel so well taken care of, and the whole team is extremely caring and professional over the phone or email. We could tell the importance they hold in providing a superb service during such a difficult time. Everything we received was absolutely beautiful, and our expectations were definitely exceeded. Thank you Live Oak family for giving us some peace.

Jenny Ramos

Today I went to pick up the remains of my dog Shaggy
Thank you for the letter you sent me about the loss of my dog and for all the care you took during the cremation of my dog

Victor Cambronero

I recently had to euthanize my toy poodle Cookie who was my best friend for 17 years, and as you can imagine this was both difficult and gut wrenching for me. Dr. Debra Garrison at Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic has been my vet for many many years. She referred me to you, and I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service I received from you. You have far exceeded my expectations in preserving the memory of my little Cookie. I will certainly recommend you without hesitation to any friends of mine that are faced with making this most difficult decision.
Thank you again.

Gail M. Podaridis

To the Live Oak Staff,

Hello to all members of the Live Oak staff. My name is Gina Wadas and a little less than three weeks ago I had my cat, Giovonni, euthanized at the Texas A&M University Small Animal Clinic. Your facility performed his private cremation service and I wanted to extend my gratitude and thanks to you. Thank you for being so kind to me and respecting my cat and best friend that had been beside me for 15 years. His urn turned out beautifully and seeing all the lovely items you packed with his ashes such as the hand written card, rosemary, and Forget Me Not flower seeds really made this difficult time for me much more easing. I appreciate all you have done.Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Gina M. Wadas

Scott and the rest of your crew, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts regarding Kirbie. Everyone that I spoke to was always so kind and understanding. I would like to thank Kerri for making that long and arduous journey yesterday to deliver Kirbie, she was a very compassionate person. As soon as my wife and I can find a picture of Kirbie that we both like I will send it to you, we may have to go to mediation to pick the right picture.
Thanks again for your kindness,


5 star Live Oak is simply amazing. They were so kind, understanding and helpful when I lost Midas, my kitty companion of 15 years. Thanks to them, I have a the best possible way to remember him and honor our time together. I recommend them HIGHLY!

Sonia Lingsweiler

5 star I refer this place as well as their website to all my friends that have lost a pet. They are truly amazing & caring.

Christine Simmons

Thank you guy's so much for taking care of my beloved Budweiser! You all did an awesome job.

Thank you

Rusty Wright

Thank you for your professional, caring job and the heartfelt message enclosed. She was our baby and I myself am crushed.Seeing the paw print and the urn was a little twinge of happiness and I appreciate your good work.I couldn't do what you all do but only because I am a huge wimp.Thanks for what you do, have done and will do in the future.

Mike Bellamy

To Everyone at Live Oak,

My wife and I would like to thank you for your caring, compassionate, thoughtful card and services. We have used cremation services in the past for our dogs, but none of them begin to compare to yours. It extremely comforting to know how respectively Shadie was handled by you. Shadie was a great dog and deserved your services.


Charlie and Angelita Moyer

Dear Kerri, Scott and Team,

First I want to say that I did my research and spoke with a couple of Pet Cremation Services. I guess it was a spirit lead that I decided to go with your company.

Little Mama Jewel came into my life at such a monumental shift in my world while in college. She was my little "Momma," my twin in personality, my best friend, and my family. Since she has been gone, I truly miss her EVERYDAY. In fact jewel warmed her way into my mother and sister's heart (They didn't like dogs much) my brothers were crazy about her the day I brought her home from college one weekend.

Jewel used to do some traveling with me going back and forth with me to Sam Houston State and Washington, Texas, such a little trooper. I could write my own "Marley and Me" story line.

Well I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart in making this once again transitional time period in my life go smoothly for me.

I am ever so grateful.

Always in adoration,

Kemi Sowunmi

Dear Scott, Kerri, Jennifer, Fred, Rowdy & Nihad,

Because of Live Oak Pet Services our beloved Scooter "came home" Friday. Every item you chose to include in package with Scooter's beautiful cedar urn exuded love and compassion for our darling dog and his family who love him so much and are saddened by his loss. There are no words to adequately express to you just how much your expression of love, kindness and compassion meant to us at this saddest of times. Thank you all for the tender loving care you gave our sweet Scooter and the kind, compassionate, understanding you gave our family. Your service is deeply appreciated and will be forever treasured in our hearts. Thank you so very much.

With deepest appreciation and gratitude,

Scooter's Family

Barry and Carla Hopper & Fergie (Scooter's best doggie friend who is grieving too)